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Hello and welcome on my page!

My name is Marcin and I have two passions - composing music and FrontEnd development.
These two passions brought me an idea to connect it and compose music for FrontEnd environment.
So if You need music or sound effects for:

Feel free to contact me and I'm sure we will make it up :)
You can check my music in MUSIC and VIDEO sections but if You need totally different genre, like drum'n'bass, trance or chillout - just let me know. In the CONTACT section You can find my e-mail address and links to my social media sites so there is no problem to contact me at all.
Thank You very much for visiting my site and I hope You will find something interesting for You and Your projects.

Music - enjoy these sounds

Carina Constellation

About me

My nickname is Cytrobit - I was born in 1981 in Poland. I started my music adventure in 1995 when I discovered Demoscene subculture, Fast Tracker software (link) and I saw first demos and intros 64kBytes. That was the trigger to start composing music. In the same time polish hiphop bands appeared a.e. Slums Attack, Cathedral Hill, Nagly Atak Spawacza, Molesta, Kaliber 44, Wzgorze Yapa3 and of course Liroy. My first music band was called "Antipathy" and was found in the end of 1995. In 1996 I played my first two big gigs. Those days I was responsible for music production, lyrics and rapping :) Over the time I focused on music production only and that is what I do untill today. Currently I'm finishing longplay CD for UnikatOS - polish rapper. I have composed all the beats for the album.
My interests are:

Video clips

Here You can watch some of my music published on YouTube:

Contact me

There is a couple ways to contact with me. I answer as soon as possible and You are very welcome to write to me anything You want.

Send me an e-mail to

You can also find me on social media sites:

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